Opinion: Why all craft beer should be in cans

Aluminum is cheaper to ship, better for the environment and makes beer taste better.

Article Courtesy: @MarketWatch – Beer Goggles – By: JASON NOTTE, @Notteham 

Published: July 31, 2015 10:09 a.m. ET


Interview with Christian Ettinger, founder of @HopworksBeer. #Beer cans can work wonders.

How has canning worked out for Hopworks so far?

Ettinger: Our canning program has been far more successful than we envisioned. We started canning almost three years ago, and we went from 80% draft and 20% 22-ounce bottle with no single-serve option to, now, 50% can, 30% draft and 20% bottle. It’s really changed the landscape.  [Full Article…]