2018 Rhythm and Brews

2018 Rhythm and Brews Participating Brewery List:
AleSmith Brewing Company
Sublime Mexican Lager
Bay City Brewing Co.
Bay City Pale Ale
Vienna Lager
Bear Roots Brewing Co.
Bear Cookie
Hop Tyrant
Black Plague Brewing
Hazy Scandal NE IPA
HAPPY PILZ Hoppy Pilsner
Tropicus Pale Ale
High Alcohol Kombucha
Jacked Up Brewery
Pale Ale
Scottish Ale
Latitude 33 Brewing
Blood Orange IPA
Meridian Myst Hazy Pale Ale
Legacy Brewing Company
Hellfire IPA
That Guava beer
Mother Earth Brew Co.
Power of Love IPA
Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale
Novo Brazil Brewing Co.
The Mango IPA
Seasonal Hazy
Amazon Amber
Pizza Port Brewing Co.
Swamis IPA
Grandview Golden Ale
Rock Bottom La Jolla
New Garde Belgian Wit
Second Chance Beer Company
Clever Hoppy Name
Mulligan (Irish Red)


Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 66

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Posted by ThreeBZine on October 14th, 2015

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Don’t miss a very special episode LIVE from the Karl Strauss Tasting Room! We sit down with Brian Skarin and Ryan Murphy to discuss all things Karl and San Diego Beer. Tune in to hear multiple news exclusives, new canned beer, a special collaboration beer and learn all about the upcoming sour and barrel event Barrel Royale. All this plus TONS MORE! Don’t miss out! Laugh and Learn with us!

Check out Minute 23:00 for the discussion on the Mosaic Cans…

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 66 – Karl Strauss Brewing Company

…Because We Can

Putting beer in cans used to be only for the “pedestrian” brands, but now cans are cooler than ever.

“Not only are many of the larger, established breweries in San Diego employing cans in their packaging strategies (Ballast Point, Mission, Pizza Port, Mother Earth, Modern Times, Twisted Manzanita, St. Archer, and soon Karl Strauss, for example), many small and newly opened operations are turning to cans as their first and only packaging choice. Recently, Benchmark purchased a quarter of a million cans to begin distribution of their core beers, and brand-new Second Chance beer Co is about to get a canning line up and running for the very first time.”


Written and ranked BY

www.thrillist.com – Phoenix

Arizonans love beer. We’ve got more than 70 craft breweries here. It’s just what happens when you have the most thirst-inducing climate in the country (yes, we are including you, Hawaii). We’ve got Arizona Beer Week, the Urban Ale Trail, brewery tours by bus, the Great Arizona Beer Festival, the Beer Trail, and too many Oktoberfests to count. But which are the best of the local hop-smiths? We decided to find out…[FULL ARTICLE AND LIST]




Turn Any Beer Can Into a Glass Q & A with Armand Ferranti (Inventor of The Draft Top)

Article courtesy of:  @Craftcans.com

Posted by Russ

By now you’ve probably seen cans that have those nifty removable lids – effectively turning the can into a cup and allowing you to get more from your canned beer drinking experience. Imagine if you could do that to any can, anytime, anywhere. That is where The Draft Top comes in, an innovative – and may we say badass-looking – tool that allows the user to safely remove the top of a beer can (or any can for that matter). The man behind The Draft Top is Armand Ferranti and we caught up with Armand to learn more about this cool new bar tool and craft beer accessory. Cheers Armand! … [Full Article]

“The Draft Top removes the lids off cans cleanly”

Blind-Tasting 116 of the Best American IPAs: We Have a Winner

The top American India pale ale has been chosen

April 8, 2015  |  12:15pm

Dear Paste readers: We are insane. Insane to conceive of a 100-plus blind tasting of American IPAs. Insane to put in the hours/days/weeks of emailing and phone-calling necessary to acquire the 100-plus beers. Insane to risk the reputation of our taste buds on the completely blind results. Insane to bruise our palates over the course of weeks with a metric ton of hop bitterness. Just well and truly insane. And yet, we went and did it anyway as a tribute to the country’s single most popular and widely consumed craft beer style..

[Full Article and Results- Click Here!]

Opinion: Why all craft beer should be in cans

Aluminum is cheaper to ship, better for the environment and makes beer taste better.

Article Courtesy: @MarketWatch – Beer Goggles – By: JASON NOTTE, @Notteham 

Published: July 31, 2015 10:09 a.m. ET


Interview with Christian Ettinger, founder of @HopworksBeer. #Beer cans can work wonders.

How has canning worked out for Hopworks so far?

Ettinger: Our canning program has been far more successful than we envisioned. We started canning almost three years ago, and we went from 80% draft and 20% 22-ounce bottle with no single-serve option to, now, 50% can, 30% draft and 20% bottle. It’s really changed the landscape.  [Full Article…]