Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 66

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Posted by ThreeBZine on October 14th, 2015

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Don’t miss a very special episode LIVE from the Karl Strauss Tasting Room! We sit down with Brian Skarin and Ryan Murphy to discuss all things Karl and San Diego Beer. Tune in to hear multiple news exclusives, new canned beer, a special collaboration beer and learn all about the upcoming sour and barrel event Barrel Royale. All this plus TONS MORE! Don’t miss out! Laugh and Learn with us!

Check out Minute 23:00 for the discussion on the Mosaic Cans…

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 66 – Karl Strauss Brewing Company

…Because We Can

Putting beer in cans used to be only for the “pedestrian” brands, but now cans are cooler than ever.

“Not only are many of the larger, established breweries in San Diego employing cans in their packaging strategies (Ballast Point, Mission, Pizza Port, Mother Earth, Modern Times, Twisted Manzanita, St. Archer, and soon Karl Strauss, for example), many small and newly opened operations are turning to cans as their first and only packaging choice. Recently, Benchmark purchased a quarter of a million cans to begin distribution of their core beers, and brand-new Second Chance beer Co is about to get a canning line up and running for the very first time.”

Turn Any Beer Can Into a Glass Q & A with Armand Ferranti (Inventor of The Draft Top)

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By now you’ve probably seen cans that have those nifty removable lids – effectively turning the can into a cup and allowing you to get more from your canned beer drinking experience. Imagine if you could do that to any can, anytime, anywhere. That is where The Draft Top comes in, an innovative – and may we say badass-looking – tool that allows the user to safely remove the top of a beer can (or any can for that matter). The man behind The Draft Top is Armand Ferranti and we caught up with Armand to learn more about this cool new bar tool and craft beer accessory. Cheers Armand! … [Full Article]

“The Draft Top removes the lids off cans cleanly”

Opinion: Why all craft beer should be in cans

Aluminum is cheaper to ship, better for the environment and makes beer taste better.

Article Courtesy: @MarketWatch – Beer Goggles – By: JASON NOTTE, @Notteham 

Published: July 31, 2015 10:09 a.m. ET


Interview with Christian Ettinger, founder of @HopworksBeer. #Beer cans can work wonders.

How has canning worked out for Hopworks so far?

Ettinger: Our canning program has been far more successful than we envisioned. We started canning almost three years ago, and we went from 80% draft and 20% 22-ounce bottle with no single-serve option to, now, 50% can, 30% draft and 20% bottle. It’s really changed the landscape.  [Full Article…]

Crown And Mother Earth Brew Co. Win IMDA 2015 Best Of Category Award, Craft Cans

Contgratulations Mother Earth Brew Co.!!!!


“Crown really managed to make our HONCHO design pop,” notes Kevin Hopkins, Chief Branding Officer of Mother Earth Brew Co. and current President of the San Diego Brewers Guild.  “While many Hefeweizens feature German/Bavarian influences in their packaging, we opted to focus on other aspects with a ‘Like A Boss’ theme.  In fact, we placed the emphasis on the attitude of the beer drinker and imagined a 1960s casino pit boss, who might enjoy a well-crafted beer after a long shift.  Other aspects of the design are high value poker chips that emphasize the beer’s inherent worth.”

[Full Story] – See more at:

MicroBrewr 048: Package your beer cheap and easy with mobile canning

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You pinched every penny. You begged, borrowed, and stole to start your brewery. People are enjoying your beer at the taproom, and now you want to expand your reach. You still don’t have capital to buy a dedicated canning or bottling line. Matt Woempner, from Mobile West Canning, in San Diego, California, explains how mobile canning can work for you.

Mobile Canning West serves San Diego, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Mobile Canning Systems provides training and guidance to all of their affiliates. So if you’re outside of

Mobile West Canning’s area, you can likely find another affiliate who will come to you.

The system is pretty similar throughout.

Contact the mobile canners when you start a new batch of beer. So they’ll have enough time to schedule your job.

This might be the first time that you’re beer in being packaged, so attention short be given to the label. “Artwork, artwork, artwork,” says Matt. TTB has requirements for your label design, and many state alcohol control boards have additional requirements. The mobile canner will help make sure your labels are in compliance.

When the canners arrive, they’ll wheel the machine into your brewery, within several feet of the fermenter or bright tank. They will bring one or 2 people, and they’ll need the help of a few people from your brewery.

At the end of the day, your beer is in 12 oz. or 16 oz. cans, and ready to be sold!

There is a ton of detailed information in this episode—too much to recap here. So listen to the whole episode and see if mobile canning can help you achieve the goals for your brewery.

“This is a tremendous business to be in, and it’s an exciting time to be in that business.” [Tweet This]



Listener question:

From Lester Foldi: Is the Craft Brewers Conference worth the price for a nanobrewery still in the planning phase?

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An upcoming beer style:

India Pale Ale

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“Compare free quotes from top suppliers within 48 hours.”

Kinnek "Compare free quotes from top suppliers within 48 hours."

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MicroBrewr 030: Hire a mobile canning system and put your beer cans on store shelves sooner

One of our Partners in Tucson, AZ @borderlandsbeer Myles Stone was interviewed and gave @MWCanning some mobile canning love.  Thanks to Myles and the Borderlands team for all your help.

“Myles Stone was in his second year of medical school when he and Michael Mallozzi started Borderlands Brewing Co. in Tucson, Arizona with just $2,000. They both have full-time jobs besides the brewery, but they make it work. “Our secret,” says Myles, “Is to have wonderful people around us.”

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[Complete Article]

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Canned vs. Bottled Beer: Can You Really Taste The Difference?

Link to full article and survey. Let us know what you think.

When it comes to beer, the container it comes in holds a lot of sway — the debate between cans vs. bottles is an ongoing one, and totally subjective to each drinker. But have you ever wondered if there’s really a difference in taste?

*Source: – Posted: 06/07/2012 11:13 am Updated: 08/31/2012 10:48 am

Everything you need to know about cans.

“Delivery trucks could carry twice as many lightweight, stackable cans as bottles and distribute them much further”.

Check out the details:

About Mobile West Canning:
Mobile West Canning provides mobile canning and packaging services for brewers in San Diego, Arizona and southern Nevada. Mobile West Canning offers brewers several options allowing them to can their beer in their brewery when the beer is freshest and ready to package.

More Info, Click here!

Manzanita Cans Chaotic Double IPA – With Mobile West Canning


This Christmas Eve the Manzanita crew teamed up with Mobile West Canning to produce 379 cases of Chaotic Double IPA at a rate of up to 40 cans per minute.

Click here for a 13-second video of the canning process.

MWC manzanitadec






Mobile West Canning is an affiliate of Mobile Canning Systems providing mobile canning and packaging services for brewers in San Diego. Mobile West Canning offers brewers several options allowing them to can their beer in their brewery when the beer is freshest and ready to package. This opens new opportunities for craft brewers to distribute their product beyond the tap room and make productive, profitable use of brewing capacity. We are dedicated to quality, service and preserving the integrity of your beer from the brewery to your customer. The Canning line is 100% mobile and ready to visit your brewery.

We are live in San Diego! The Canning Line has been delivered, the truck is ready, the crew is trained – full operations are underway!

Locally owned and operated in beautiful San Diego, our goal is to build long term relationships with local breweries to help them expand into new markets, increase sales and allow them to offer their customers the option of purchasing their beers in canned packages.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.