About Mobile West Canning

Mobile West Canning is a small company with a big CAN-do attitude. We have operations in San Diego and Arizona serving customers in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We recognize the value of packaging beverages in cans and the need to enable craft brewers and beverage manufacturers access to affordable canning solutions.

  • Cost-effective: turn brewing capacity into profit, no need to invest capital in a canning line, no dedicated space for a packaging line, no down or idle time.
  • Scalable to fit your needs: automated canning line at 40 cans per minute, from fill only to complete turnkey solution and everything in between, on-demand material storage.
  • Quality: from loading the cans in the De-pal, twist rinse sanitizer, the fill, to the seam, we strive to make sure every can that goes out is the best representation of your brand.
  • Easy and flexible: we come out when you and the beer are ready, your local packaging partner.
  • Canning expertise: quality assurance, support and logistics, partnerships.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission at Mobile West Canning is to provide the South West craft beer community with the highest quality packaging solution and to be the trusted packaging partner for breweries large and small, and other companies needing to can other types of beverages.

Our service is backed by the training, support, and logistics provided by the leaders in the mobile canning industry.

Whether large or small, Mobile West Canning wants to be your brewery’s canning department. We are focused on integrity and quality mobile canning service. It’s about delivering the best possible beer experience to your customer.

Don't Let Your Beer Get Nanned, Customers Want Your Beer in a CAN!

Let Mobile West Canning help get your beer to more people in more places. We are San Diego’s trusted partner for canning solutions.

Mobile West Canning is an extension of your brewery – think of us as your canning department. Turn brewing capacity into profit day one.

We handle all levels of canned packaging projects and operations – from simple fill to complete turnkey canning solutions.

We launched operations in 2013 and are serving breweries in the greater San Diego area, Arizona and southern Nevada. Our aluminum cans preserve the integrity of your craft beer.

  • Cans are lined with a water-based polymer to protect the freshness and flavor
  • No light penetrates the can to spoil the beer.
  • Cans are hermetically sealed – no air gets in to ruin the beer.
  • Cans are environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable.
  • Cans are much lighter and pack tighter than glass, cost-effective on shipping.
  • Cans cool faster and are more portable for your customers.
  • Cans don’t break and compress when empty.
  • No bottle opener necessary.
  • Cans go where your customers want to be: Pool, Golf Course, Park, Beach, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Tailgating.
  • Cans are a 360-degree billboard for your brand, they drive traffic to your brewpub/tasting room