Beverage Packaging: Solution and Design

You make a great beverage. But how will anyone know that and how will your business grow if you don't sell your product to a wide audience?

If you're a brewery, you may be limited to growler fills and selling kegs, or have too much capacity and not be able to use it. But many states now have eliminated restrictions on sales and delivery and removed caps on the amounts of alcoholic beverages that customers can purchase to-go. Having your beverage in cans would be a big help and you'd also have the potential to sell through online stockists.

The only problem: Your business is ill-equipped to start packaging.

By having your beverage in cans, you'd also be able to be open to distribution deals, so your product would be available across the country or abroad.

But you may not afford or want the six-figure-plus investment in a packaging line. Spending capital on your own canning system is no small task and may not be feasible for your business. For smaller producers, firing up a canning line is often only a weekly task. And purchasing equipment to be used four days a month is burdensome.

Beverage Packaging Solutions

Enter Mobile West Canning. Uniquely positioned to help you fill the need to get your product to customers, we're a mobile canning and packaging services provider that helps you increase your potential to sell your beverage.

But even when you don't become one of our canning customers, you can find in our online store all the packaging materials you need:

  • Volume supply of cans
  • Cans with pressure-sensitive labels
  • Sleeved cans
  • PakTech
  • Tops and ends
  • Case trays

We can help you with whatever you need to get your product in cans when you're doing your own fill.

Past experience with beverage packaging has shown just how quickly trends in packaging sizes can change. That's why our canning line is designed to handle the variety of packaging formats that you may want to use: everything from 8 oz stubby cans and sleek 16 oz cans to 500 ml and 375 ml cans. We can also do nitrogen dosing for coffees, wines, and teas. We've created our own tooling and we can do 10 and 12 oz sleeved can as well.

Save Money on Packaging

With Mobile West Canning there's no need for you to lay out capital for a canning line. You focus on your growth while we bring state-of-the-art mobile canning equipment to package your product. Our turnkey solution will save you money from getting your product in a can to making sure the packaging is attractive on display.

Ease Operational Issues

When you add an in-house packaging program you also have to add more staff and training for existing employees. Canning lines or packaging also need dedicated floor space, maintenance, and can cost a lot of money to repair.

That's why our mobile canning service is designed from the start with flexibility in mind. We bring our staff with professional knowledge and experience for smooth canning. Customers call us "the canning whisperers" in the industry. That's because we're spot on and maintain the quality of packaging throughout an entire 700-900 case run. Your beverage is canned when it's ready and you don't lose floor space for the canning line.

Increase Market Growth

Cans are significantly cheaper and lighter than glass and don't break when you ship them. And the weight of the package becomes more and more relevant for costs the farther and farther you're shipping your beverage.

Cans are light in weight and can easily be double stacked on pallets and higher on shelves. Everyone benefits when both the distributor and the retailer can stock twice the amount of products.

Distributors clearly prefer cans. In fact, some will not sign with you until you can provide your beverage in cans. Our packaging creates a simple pathway for you to find new customers easily by moving beyond bottles or kegs, growing your operation, and reaching new markets.

Sell Your Beverage in Custom-Designed, High-Quality Cans

Can labels offer a unique 360-degree surface for catching the customer's attention and promoting your product.

You can print just about anything you want on a can. We offer two modalities to label the cans, pressure-sensitive labels, and shrink sleeves and we can help facilitate the entire design process for you. We work with shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive label suppliers that offer the right performance of the shrink sleeve or pressure sensitive label once it arrives at Mobile West Canning.

Pressure-sensitive labels are self-adhesive and similar to stickers. Their characteristics make them easily applied and removed, appealing, and fitted to contain all the important information you need. They don't require water, solvent, or heat to stick to the product. They're also affordable, printed and delivered in roll form in a variety of materials, colors, die-cut shapes, and sizes.

When you want a "second skin" type of coverage for your containers, it's time for shrink sleeves. Mobile West Canning shrink sleeves are printed with three million color print that you can utilize to make your brand pop. The film sleeve protects your design so that your containers are water-friendly and ready to impress.

You respect and love what you put out to the people. And the packaging is a really important part of all this. Whatever you envision for your product labels, Mobile West Canning can bring them to life. A good canning line and packaging products will help you deliver your products as intended.