Promote Your Product with Custom Cans

In the past few years, the canning revolution provided a new promoting opportunity. Custom can labels offer the ideal solution for companies to promote their products.

The can offers a 360-degree surface for an appealing label that catches the customers' attention.

A custom designed, eye-catching label is essential for loyal customers to find their favorite product, and it is an easy modality to attract new clients. In the drink industry, everybody is aware of the importance of the label design, but the type of label can be just as important for the product.

At Mobile West Canning we offer 2 modalities to label the cans, pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

A great solution, especially for smaller beverage companies is to use blank cans with custom-made pressure sensitive labels. Pressure sensitive labels can be applied after the fill and have the following advantages:

  • feature adhesive on their substrates, it is easy to apply on cans, it works like a sticker
  • allow low, minimum orders, and that's great for small companies - microbreweries or smaller wineries for example
  • allow flexibility in changing the design or label content, each time they're printed - it is an ideal solution for seasonal and limited editions
  • it's long lasting and resistant, the laminate varnish gives the label a protective layer
  • it is relatively inexpensive to produce.

Shrink Sleeves

Another alternative for labeling your products is the shrink sleeve label applied directly to cans. It can be printed and pre-applied to the cans, shipped to you, ready to fill. This solution can save you money and time.

The benefits of shrink sleeves for cans:

  • with attractive graphics and vibrant colors, they make the canned product look amazing
  • you can apply shrink sleeves to the amount you need,
  • cover the can's whole surface
  • great solution for labeling seasonal or promotional products
  • it is custom-made, to reflect your brand and your product's personality
  • allow to make an impact and make customers choose your products

Rise above your competition by opting for our professional services. Whether you choose to label your can packaged product with pressure sensitive label or shrink sleeves your brand definitely will shine, tempting customers to buy your product.