The Benefits of Canned Drinks

Cans, despite the stigma attached to them, are actually the best solution to pack your beverage. Many people still associate cans with cheap drinks. However, in the past few years, things started to change in the beverage industry. Beverage companies, as well as consumers, started to realize the benefits of can packaged drinks.


Cans are efficient at keeping your drink fresh, and they are a way better solution for storing. Can packaging for breweries is a true blessing since it keeps away two of the biggest enemies of beer: oxygen and light. Canned products - drinks, food, pot - remain fresh for longer, and that represents a huge advantage for the producers.


Storing beer, sensitive spirits, wines can represent a problem for any beverage company, and cans are definitely the best option for packing and storing your beverage. Beer and wine, for example, should be stored only in a dark, cool environment without major temperature swings. Can packaging is able to save producers from a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress. Aluminum cans are resistant, compact and easy to store. It is not only the easiest option for storing your drinks, but it is also the easiest option to ship your products to your customers. Cans are much lighter than bottles, less breakable and more affordable to ship.


Cans are easier on the environment, they are sustainable and infinitely recyclable. An estimated number of 113,204 cans are recycled every minute in the U.S.A. Typically, each aluminum can is made from 68% recycled aluminum. Cans are nearly 50% lighter than bottles, this leads to reduced CO2 emissions in shipping. All these benefits make it a strong packaging option for environmentally-conscious customers.


Customers like the portability of aluminum cans. Today's active drinkers reach for their favorite canned drinks when they are on the go, tailgate parties, golf courses, fishing trips, yacht parties, beaches, pools, hikes, parks, ballparks, campgrounds. Cans go everywhere where bottles can't, they go even to Vegas. Since 2014 drinks in glass bottles are not allowed on the Las Vegas Strip to prevent them from being used as weapons and to reduce broken glass littering Strip sidewalks. Can packaged drinks do not represent any harm to others. For hiking or backpacking, cans are way easier to pack, as they are lighter and more compact.