Mobile West Canning will not accept any responsibility for damaged cans received on less-than-truckload or full truckload shipments. The nature of the empty aluminum can, unfortunately, damages the other cans during the shipment. If there are over 500 damaged and unusable cans on a shipment you just received, please take pictures and contact us at info@mobilewestcanning.com

Mobile West Canning has a list of preferred shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive label suppliers that we work with, in the process of producing cans for you. We have established that the materials and production processes ensure the right performance of the shrink sleeve or pressure sensitive label once it arrives at Mobile West Canning from our suppliers.

Other Printing Suppliers

If you decide to contact another supplier, other than the ones that work with us, we require the following specifications to be strictly followed so that we can apply shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive labels efficiently. We can not guarantee that these sleeves or pressure sensitive labels can be applied, but we will run a small sample and determine their effectiveness from there. If we are pressured to run materials from another supplier due to time constraints, we will charge additional fees for production downtime if these materials don’t meet our specifications.

Please advise that Mobile West Canning takes no responsibility for misprinted artwork or defective shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive labels from other suppliers. Printed materials arriving at Mobile West Canning are assumed to have been proofed and approved by the customer in the artwork development process with the print supplier. In the case of misprinted artwork, you will be contacted by Mobile West Canning for confirmation of next steps.

If any changes are made to any re-ordered artwork (barcode updates etc.) these must be communicated to Mobile West Canning staff before we apply the printed artwork to the cans. If you won’t communicate us the changes, we will automatically assume that the re-ordered artwork is the same as the previous order and will be applied as such.

Please advise that Mobile West Canning does not provide inventory updates unless your current shrink sleeve stock has gone below the re-order. We recommend you to keep your own inventories of shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels for your records and to anticipate when you will need to restock.